About Us

Gabz Tool Mart started trading in August 2014. Our aim is to offer the
greatest range of products at the best prices.

The changing global economy is placing new and increasing demands on
companies, and the market place is marked by increased competition
Within this fast paced global economy, change is the norm.
Environmental, social and technological change with the increased
internationalization of business can only mean that long term planning
is risky but absolutely essential.
Great quality products and supplying excellent service to customers is
imperative. It is also essential to ensure that processes are in place
for exceptional interaction throughout the business and creating a
strong staffing group.

In creating a strong staffing group Gabz Tool Mart believes in the
development and implementation of Organizational Development & Training
that is recognized for its ability to understand, conceptualize and
deliver total solutions and to provide consistent, professional and long
– term relationships with its customers and will assist in developing
well rounded staff in all aspects of business

This is what Gabz Tool Mart’s vision is all about, and we pride
ourselves in focusing on a long term commitment to our vision. Based on
our strong commitment to our vision we believe that we place ourselves
in a position whereby our decisions, abilities and actions will prove us
to be a great market leader within our field.